неділя, 18 червня 2017 р.

Post 6

Hello, my dear friend. I’m sure that little slices of everyday life could be very funny and inspiring, if you share them with good friends.

When I saw this video for the first time it’s just made my day. It is sheer bliss to see such an amazing landscapes and to hear the voice of the singer at the same time. It makes a great harmony in a complex. I feel so cool, calm and collected every time I watch it.

субота, 17 червня 2017 р.

Post 2

Using your dictionary effectively

There are two types of dictionaries: prescriptive and descriptive. Prescriptive works for for native speakers, but not for those who just begun learning a new language, so if you are a beginner, you have to use descriptive dictionary instead of prescriptive to make yourself understood the words you looking up.

Every english learner who wants to be effective have to know how to build vocabulary in appropriate way.  It is a great idea to make a note of unknown words you’ve heard till the day, then to find their definitions and to go through this list from time to time. But don’t look up every single word, sometimes it’s better to guess the meaning from a context.

To have an ability to speak fluently, you must explore different ways of expanding your knowledge. Do your best using step by step approach and after a while you will get better with no hustle and bustle.

I wish you to achieve your goal as soon as possible.

неділя, 19 березня 2017 р.

Post 5

Communication. Discourse Markers. Proverbs.

Hello, my dear friends!

Thanks a million for visiting my blog!

We are a part of society and everyday all of us have to communicate a lot.

You'll find some useful phrasal verbs and proverbs below, you can use in conversation. Enjoy!

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Post 1

Nowadays more and more people trying to learn new languages. It might be quite hard and frustrating at the beginning, but you don’t have to hustle and bustle, there are many ways to do it effectively and to find what will works for you.

One of the most important things in learning is to improve your vocabulary. If you want to speak fluently, you have to know and understand many words and collocations.

- Read books and magazines about topics you like: as long as you will enjoy the process, you will stay motivated .
- Your dictionary is your helper, so it’ll be better for you to lead it in appropriate way.
- Look up any words you don't recognize, than look up them in the dictionary and write down in your own.
- Make sentences with constructions you’ve just learned.
- Explore different ways to memorize vocabulary and learn definition.
- Go through vocabulary you already know everyday, take time to recall it.
- Make notes  with new words everywhere, even on your workspace.
- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

step-by-step approach  and after a while you’ll make a progress and work out the easiest way to achieve your gain.