Blog 15

Task 1. Nowadays we have a lot of environmental problems, which are mentioned by scientists in the videos. For instance, the changing weather patterns and temperatures soar above the average are caused by burning fossil fuels.  It is a daunting task to choose the right solution to these problems. But the best long-term solution is to reduce our carbon footprint. Also, a lot of companies are dumping toxic waste, what becomes an environmental catastrophe. They should worry about public health and recycle waste or use biodegradable packaging.
Distinguished scholars have found new ways of energy conservation. For instance, using alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar power, this can help to solve a lot of problems and even can help people to eliminate the electricity bills. Also, we can use energy-saving eco light bulbs and water-saving appliance to help our environment. It will definitely make sustainable impact.
Task 2. There are a lot of environmental issues in our region.…

Blog 14

The Dark Side of Tourism Travelling is the most popular hobby in the world, and a lot of people are dreaming about it. People are ready to pay huge sums of money to see an isolated areas and unspoilt nature. Tourists don’t mind that it can turn out to be harmful to the place they are visiting. People find dark tourism attractive, but I detest such kind of tourism. Why? Let’s find out!
To begin with, dark tourism is defined as tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy. So, it can be violating ethical norms, because it is a place where some people suffered from tortures, others lost their dearest there, others have a feeling of nostalgia. Moreover, it can abuse some people, that you are fond of such kind of places.
What is more, setting off and stopping off in off the beaten track can influence local economy, as well as, communities and even ethnic minority. It can cause the downturn in economy, because it is difficult to maintain tourist attractions

Post 9

Are you dreaming of a fulfilling job and groundbreaking work? If yes, we are waiting for you. You can apply for a job right now and attend an interview in a week. In case you are wondering what is the name of our company. It is Samsung. Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. We want to make our company even better, that’s why we are asking such an up-and-coming person, like you to help us. We are sure that you are going to carry out this work with remarkable ease. Our motto is “Career takes off if you have a ‘can do’ attitude”.
Working conditions. In our company it is possible to climb a career leader if you handle all the tasks required. It is definitely a rewarding job; you will get a lot of perks and bonuses. For example, medical insurance, you are entitled to have a sick pay and day offs, whenever you need it. Actually, it is not a nine-to-five work; you can work flexitime, even at home. And the main thing, the salary is going to …

Post 7

Hannah is an attractive person with dark hair and lovely complexion. She has a striking appearance because of her dark hair and pale skin. Hannah is very intelligent and extroverted person. She is on good terms almost with everybody. Sometimes she can be ruthless, but don’t judge the book by its cover; she won’t hurt you if you are close friends. One day she falls madly in love with Harry, whom she met at the party. He is very muscular and looks strong, so she was attracted to him immediately. He is, also very ambitious and broad-minded person. So, it wasn’t a problem for him to strike up a friendship with her. But frankly speaking for him it was the love at first sight. And now after some time, they love each other unconditionally

Post 12

This war literally changed the course of history and bring about the downfall of a great number of countries! Years ago we couldn't even imagine that this small European country will become a threat to peace and will accosiated withhorrors of war. Deathguardingandserving your country is something unbelievably heroic and worth to remember by those who will live in peace becouse of your sacrifice. People will recall memories of those days till the end of times and will suffered the consequences for a long long time.

Post 11

We can't remainsharingin the world where only numbers – amount of money on your bankaccount– matter. I thought, notspending money like wateris pretty enough to survive. But I wasneedyall month long even though I refused todonate,made cutbacksin every possible field (entertainment, food, health) and even broke the law couple of times. When I finallysaved some money, I found out I hadrun up huge bills.And besides strugglingto affordbetter life for my child – whichcost me an arm and a leg, I was obligedto spend money ondecreasing my stress level. I don’t wanttoraise money at the expense ofactually living life!

Post 13

Tourism seems to bethe world's leading industry. Consequences of trips abroadare social, cultural, environmental and, last but not least, economic. People think only about themselves getting away from it allto countries that offer any kind of unforgettable experience. Firstly, it causes cultural destruction – foreigners’ culture integrates in native one and it will lead to the mixture of cultures in the long run. Another side of it is commercialization of culture to let tourists soak up the atmosphere. Thereby, the value of the culture turns out to be downplayed and showed mostly in wearing costumes due to existing stereotypes. Moreover, locals can be prejudiced ifthey are different from holiday-makers, e.g. by color of the skin of religious faith – and that is discrimination itself! Next disadvantage lies in tourist’s preference to spend a holiday in isolated areas which have always attracted tourists. They passionate about idea to go for a wander in such places, and they all are