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Tourism seems to bethe world's leading industry. Consequences of trips abroadare social, cultural, environmental and, last but not least, economic. People think only about themselves getting away from it allto countries that offer any kind of unforgettable experience. Firstly, it causes cultural destruction – foreigners’ culture integrates in native one and it will lead to the mixture of cultures in the long run. Another side of it is commercialization of culture to let tourists soak up the atmosphere. Thereby, the value of the culture turns out to be downplayed and showed mostly in wearing costumes due to existing stereotypes. Moreover, locals can be prejudiced ifthey are different from holiday-makers, e.g. by color of the skin of religious faith – and that is discrimination itself! Next disadvantage lies in tourist’s preference to spend a holiday in isolated areas which have always attracted tourists. They passionate about idea to go for a wander in such places, and they all are 

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College offers many temptations in eating habits-field. Being far from home, students are free to eat whatever and whenever they want. They are likely to fill themselves up with junk food and eat ice- creams and sweets one after another getting no nutritional value from it. Having a quick sugary or salty snack while burning the midnight oil is not a sensible decision too. In addition, it becomes a habit very fast. Moreover, usually students have no time or energy to take up exercises. Sedentary lifestyle, with all mentioned above, leads not only to obesity! With such a diet one is likely to again heart disease, ruin the immune system and decrease his/her ability to concentrate. It is not vital to follow celeb's fitness program, but you can do some crunches, push-ups and sit-ups thrice a week and jogging (at least twice) Try to keep track of the amount of calories you ingest. Eat more square meals - you can plan ahead your week menu and prepare and freeze the food in advance. S…

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The main point of the Sugata Mitra's speech is “The school is producing identical people for running the machine (so-called BureaucraticAdministrative Machine) that no longer exists”.It’s common knowledgethat the system is outdated, because we still have main principles from the old school – from times one needed to write, read out loudandto oneselfand count well to get a job. It is speaker’s firm conviction that every child – is a gifted child and the formula for perfect system is a) To focus on what job will be like tomorrow b) Get rid of tedious tasks which require kids to hit the books and craminformation they will never need c) Use mixture of broadband + collaboration + encouragement In the very beginning of the second video Ken Robinson, leading authority in this field, says that 80% of pupils in US drop out a high school. It obviously, that there isthe room for improvement - the system needs a revolution.Considerable initiative to make education system better isshown about 100 t…

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N O U N V E R B A D J A D V change change changeable changeably remote remote remote remotely puzzle puzzle puzzling accessibility access accessible accessibly explorer explore exploring recognition recognize recognizable nation nationalize national nationally growth

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Dear Melody,        Thanks for your last email! It’s my pleasure to introduce you to learning opportunities that have now become available with online tools and resources.        Sometimes it is almost unmanageable not to have your interest in something reduced. Sooner or later you’ll get sick and tired of searching for definitions, memorizing passages and doing exercises. You will stop being enthusiastic about learning after a while. That’s why we should keep up with a wide range of tools which can help you to learn words with remarkable ease. After I explored different ways of building a vocabulary, I have picked and chosen methods that will definitely work for you.
       1.         Knoword If you decided to expand your vocabulary, you should browse that: http://knoword.org You are provided with definition and your task is to identify the word accurately and type it down.

       2.         Word Buster Put in an address http://www.rapidtyping.com/online-typing-games/wor…

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Hello, my dear friend. I’m sure that little slices of everyday life could be very funny and inspiring, if you share them with good friends.

When I saw this video for the first time it’s just made my day. It is sheer bliss to see such an amazing landscapes and to hear the voice of the singer at the same time. It makes a great harmony in a complex. I feel so cool, calm and collected every time I watch it.

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Using your dictionary effectively

There are two types of dictionaries: prescriptive and descriptive. Prescriptive works for for native speakers, but not for those who just begun learning a new language, so if you are a beginner, you have to use descriptive dictionary instead of prescriptive to make yourself understoodthe words you looking up.

Every english learner who wants to be effective have to know how to build vocabulary in appropriate way.  It is a great idea to make a note of unknown words you’ve heard till the day, then to find their definitions and to go through this list from time to time. But don’t look up every single word, sometimes it’s better to guess the meaning from a context.

To have an ability to speak fluently, you must explore different ways of expanding your knowledge. Do your best using step by step approach and after a while you will get better with nohustle and bustle.

I wish you to achieve your goal as soon as possible.